About Us

YNR is a shoe production company, founded in 1956 YNR manufactures comfortable shoes by giving priority to the health. Sophisticated and uniquely designed - 100% genuine leather - YNR shoes brings together ergonimic with the latest fashion trends. YNR, was originally a manufacturer of men's leather shoes, has decided to expend production capacity with the women's leather shoes in 1999 YNR company, which has been operating for three generations, produced 8 pairs of shoes a day with only manuel labor at the beginning. Today, 80% machinery and 20% handmade production has reached a capacity of 400 thousand pairs annually. Our production facility is 1200 m2 and the showroom is 300 m2.

Taking part in global market by strictly adhering to the principles of quality, health and comfort as well as keeping pace trends of today's with the young & dynamic team that desire to aesthetic spirit of excellence.

To satisfy our existing and potential new business partners and to ensure the sustainability of quality and trust by producing in accordance with the developing production systems.